Monday, September 26, 2011

Healing In Heaven

Dearest Friends and Family, not the final post I ever wanted to write to this blog. My sweet sister passed away early Saturday morning, after an amazing and courageous battle with complications from the fungal infection. No more pain, no more suffering, just sweet peace is hers now as she has the ultimate dance with Jesus.

Many have said that she has left a legacy, but that is only partially true.... She LIVED her legacy first during every day of this long journey. Every setback and every victory she handled with grace. Never a complaint.

I can remember a couple years ago when my sister said she dreamed of the day of reporting that there was no cancer. At that time her chemo and allo stem cell transplant were not successful, and she SO longed for this dream. God gave her that miracle, and I witnessed her joy as she was able to share again and again of these things that God did in her life. What a miracle she will ALWAYS be!!!

Please remember her own words that she wrote on this blog a couple years ago, expressing her own peace that no matter what, everything would be fine and she would be healed...

"In our college chapel, I used to sit and look around at the beautiful and enormous stained glass windows. I like to believe that is what my life is like. While I sometimes see just one speck of it...perhaps one color that is not even that attractive by itself...Jesus knows there is so much more than that. He sees it all... the magnificent beauty and wholeness that He longs for me to experience. Friends, whether on this earth or in heaven....I know I will be healed. I would like for it to be here...but no one can take that truth away from me. I love it....I love knowing that even when I feel a rug of hope has been pulled out from under me, Jesus is still holding me."

You are so right, Sweet Sister, you did receive your healing and Jesus is holding you now. We will forever hold in our hearts our every blessed memory of you...your smile, your beauty, your grace. We are all challenged to live better lives because of you. We will carry you with us in our hearts always. Three sisters we will always be. Love you FOREVER.