Wednesday, August 31, 2011

update on melissa.....part two

please pray as melissa has been put on ventilator. her medical team thought it best to do temporarily to give her body a rest as she was breathing too hard and fast. this was a proactive step rather than a reactive one. pray this works for her and that she gains strength. also, pray that she will have great success breathing indepedently when the medical team feels she is ready to be weaned off ventilator. thanks, friends.



kerri said...

We are praying for your entire family. Praying for peace and hope to cover you all.
Kerri Stetler

FrancisMoore said...

Thank you for the update. May God continue to be with Melissa and her family. Francis Moore from First Church

Hope said...

I heard that she is now off the vent. I hope that info is true! Continual prayers!

Vicki Griffin said...

Please know that there is an entire hospital in Marion praying for a positive outcome for your family. If there is anything other than pray that I can do from afar, please feel free to ask.
Vicki Griffin (5West MGH RN)

nics09 said...

Please keep us updated. Melissa is in my prayers, as is the entire family. She has become my hero over the past year +... her faith quite literally saved my life.

kerri said...

Praying continuously for Melissa this morning...praying for all of you. Peace and HOPE.
Kerri Stetler