Thursday, May 6, 2010

Time to Rally!

This coming Monday, May 10th, a PET scan is scheduled for Miss to show the effectiveness of her stem cell transplant. We can't begin to explain how much your prayers will mean to us for the good news we are expecting from this scan.

I truly believe that greater things are yet to come for my sister and her family. There have been many times throughout this experience where I so wish and want her to feel our every prayer and encouraging word we are breathing for her right now. I have often remembered a particular scene from a movie, either Patriot or Braveheart. There is a scene in which his small, weary army is about to face a troop of giants. They are discouraged and losing hope for the fight. Mel Gibson's character speaks the encouraging words to them, and you can see their hopes again rising as they are filled with the energy to face the giants, and also filled with the knowledge that they will be victorious.

Now while my sister has never seemed to lose hope for this fight, that scene still reminds me of what OUR prayers are doing....surrounding them and lifting them up....reminding them that we are ALL rallying together in this.

That we are all praying and believing that good things are taking place in her body...

and that GREATER things are yet to come, still to be done!

So will you rally together with me now? Will you stand beside me again in prayer for her, believing that the healing is already taking place within her... and thanking God for all the many miracles we have already seen along this way...

Standing with you in prayer!

Her sister,


Pascal said...

Yes, we believe that good results are forthcoming.

We shall pray.

Pascal & Dorothy

Harpels said...


Carl and Lois said...

YES, The Waggoner family is standing with you, and earnestly praying!

We love you, each one!

Kelly said...

DONE! We love you MISS!!!!!!