Thursday, April 8, 2010

prayer request.....

melissa just called me from the hospital. she was there for one of her blood work appointments. all of her numbers are good, meaning that she does not need blood or platelets. however, she is being admitted to the hospital. she has been passing blood clots in her urine. while it has not been too painful or bothersome for her, the medical staff wants to give her fluids and keep a watchful eye on the situation. this is most likely a result of the bk virus, which she was found to have had during her earlier hospital stay.

please keep her in your prayers. pray that she will continue to stay encouraged as she is in the hospital and away from home once again. she was taking the news very well. she told me that she realizes thst this is just a small setback and she will be home quickly. pray for doug and the kids as this was totally unexpected. caleb is on spring break this week and doug had taken off the week to be with the family. it works out really well that doug can be home at this time.

we will keep you posted.....thank you so much for your prayers. we know there is power in prayer!!!


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Carl and Lois said...

We continue to hold you close to our hearts. Our prayer today is that this hospital stay will not be a long one. We praise God for all the big and little miracles He is preforming in your life, Melissa.

The Waggoner Family loves you!