Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Easter: Celebrating Life

Hi everyone! I have to say that I have missed posting on this blog, but Michelle has been doing an awesome job keeping everyone updated on our sister's progress. Over Easter weekend, my husband and daughter and I were able to visit with my sister Miss and her family. We had such a WONDERFUL time!!! It just flew by way too fast!

I have seen prayer requests posted here, and have heard long-distance how they have been answered....but this past weekend, I was able to see one answered before my eyes. Melissa had been extremely weak and nauseous for days. She was feeling so sick, that food didn't sound so good to her. And she was feeling so weak, that she stayed horizontal in her room much of the time. One evening, we sent out a text requesting prayer about this. As she rested in her bed, we heard a recurring sound. It was the signal of incoming messages on her cell phone, letting her know that the encouragement was rolling in. By the next day, she was out in the living room feeding her neice (my daughter) Lexi a bottle. See the pictures below of the difference! Thanks to the prayers and our Heavenly Father who hears our most simple requests!

Also, I was able to go with my sister to the IU hospital on Monday for her routine bloodwork. They found that her hemoglobin was extremely low at 6.8. (They do not like for it to go below 8.) She received fluids and more blood, and was a new person by the time we left! I can honestly say that I had a blast with her while we were at the hospital! We always manage to have fun, and find the silliest things to laugh about.

As we were at the cancer center at the hospital, I was once again reminded how anyone can fall into this position. There were the young and the old walking nearby who also had this disease. I saw my sister interacting with a friend there, a fellow traveler on this road that I'm sure they would rather not travel. But still, there are here....and they are making the most of it.

Again during this visit, I saw so much grace and peace demonstrated in my sister. I know she would not want me to go on about this as if I am bragging about her...but it is a true testament to that unconditional peace that passes all understanding that our Lord has given her. At one point, I told her that I would trade places with her if I could. She just gave a slight smile and quickly replied, "I wouldn't let ya." That's my Sis.

So this weekend, this past Easter, was about celebrating life...

The life of a risen Savior...

The life of a young baby whose cord blood is giving my sister another chance at life...

The life and breath that we all have, and to not take a moment for granted!!

So grab each moment with those you love! Do not waste a one! We have lots of pictures to share of the many fun moments we shared this weekend. Hope you enjoy them!

Know how much each of you and your prayers are appreciated!!
Love to each of you~ Jenn

We missed you in this picture, Michelle!!!

Caleb James holding his cousin, Alexis Faith

Aunt Miss feeding Lexi early in the visit.

Aunt Miss feeding Lexi in the living room, and feeling much better!

All dressed up for the Easter service!

Little Lexi

Us? Fight? Never!


Never a dull moment!

Easter baskets, and Audrey not wasting time!

Grandma and Lexi watching the Easter egg hunt
with Miss from the inside, looking out.

Ready, set, GO!!!

On the run

Anything in my basket yet?

Are we getting warm yet?

They say I'm getting warmer...

Our Lauren Gracie

Movin' in for the snatch!

Do we see some half-eaten eggs in Audrey's basket? Yes, we do!

Someone discovered how that yummy yolk slips right out of the egg!


3 Twisted Sisters said...

Great post!!! So glad Melissa was feeling better on Easter!!! Thank you so much for stopping by so I could see Lexi! She is a doll!! Jen

FrancisMoore said...

Continuing to pray for Melissa. Lovely and fun pictures. Francis Moore from Indy/Naz

Lydia Brown said...

Oh I'm in tears looking at these pictures!! God is truly amazing in how He gives your family strength and hope for every day. He is faithful! He will continue to see you through and we will continue to pray for healing and more and more of His blessing on you all! Love,
lydia and Geron!

日月神教-向左使 said...
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