Saturday, March 27, 2010

you never let go!!!

well, i must apologize. i am way overdue with an update. melissa was going to do it herself and actually has a post partially written. however, it is difficult at times for her to be on the computer as it tends to give her headaches and cause nausea. so, she told me to go ahead and share a few things with you and she will follow up at a later time.

some good preliminary results.....let me first say that i by no means have any medical background. so, anything i attempt to explain will be in the simplest of terms both for your sake and mine :). after a bone marrow transplant, tests are done to check for seroconversion. this basically mean the process by which the recepient's old stem cells die out and are replaced by the donor's stem cells. in melissa's case, it is the stem cells from the donated cord blood. there could be a few results from this testing at this point in recovery. for instance, only melissa's stem cells could show, there could be a mix of hers and the donor's, or, ideally, only the donor's stem cells would show. well, preliminary test results show only donor cells!!! woohoo. praise the lord!!! this is just awesome news and we are thrilled to share it with you.

an amazing answer to prayer.....while i was in indy with melissa, i would take her to her weekly appointments at the hospital. bless her heart, she has to go three times a week. dependent upon the results of her blood work, it can sometimes mean staying all day receiving platelets, blood, or magnesium among other things. sometimes, and it's great when it happens, she only has to stay for an hour or two. one day, on our way back home after being at the hospital all day, she sweetly said to me, "tell me that i can do this. tell me that i can go to the hospital three times a week." it is just extremely difficult for her emotionally to go there after being there for over 50 days away from the children. of course, i reminded her what she often reminds all of us and that is that the lord will carry her through. he will not let go. i remember her then mentioning something about that one of her biggest concerns would be having to be readmitted in the event of a fever or infection. (she has to check her temperature twice a day. if she has a fever, she is to call the hospital and most likely would have to be admitted.) a short time later, after arriving back home, i went upstairs and rested for awhile. melissa did the same on the lower level of their house. i would not know until later, but at some point, she checked her temperature and she was running a fever. one of her biggest fears seemed to be happening. she immediately called doug, who was on his way home from work. as soon as he arrived home, they prayed together. they prayed specifically that the fever would disappear and that she would not have to go back into the hospital. they agreed to check her temperature again in an hour. they also felt a peace about the entire situation. an hour later, melissa took her temperature and the fever was gone!!! praise the lord!!! this was such an answer to prayer. it was literally a gift to both doug and melissa that she could remain at home that evening and ever since so far. god is so faithful!!!

ways that you can be praying.....continue to pray for her full recovery and complete healing. also, she should be having a pet scan in the next month or so. it has not been scheduled as of yet. this is a critical test, as it will show how her cancer has responded to the bone marrow transplant. we so appreciate your continued prayers!!! words cannot express how much your love and support mean to each of us.

our family has so many opportunities to share about our faith through this storm melissa has faced and for that we are so thankful. just yesterday, i told someone that despite how difficult the last couple years have been, i have never trusted the lord more than i do now. he is good. he is faithful. he never fails. he never lets go. bottom line. end of story. period. i have added a new song by matt redman titled "you never let go". i wanted to close with a few of the lyrics. remember, no matter what you may be facing, god is with you and he will never let go!!!

"even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death
your perfect love is casting out fear
and even when i’m caught in the middle of the storms of this life
i won’t turn back
i know you are near
and i will fear no evil
for my god is with me
and if my god is with me
whom then shall i fear? whom then shall i fear?
oh no, you never let go
through the calm and through the storm
oh no, you never let go
in every high and every low
oh no, you never let go
lord, you never let go of me!!!"

blessings to each of you.....



Pascal said...

Thanks Michelle,

I have anxiously awaited this post.

SO glad that that things are progressing. We will contimue to peay for healing.

Pascal Dorothy

Jo said...

What a God. What a family!

Hope said...

Melissa, Rex & precious little ones,
What a joyful post and what a blessing your family is to the lives you touch each and every day. Thank you for letting God do His wonderful work in you and for sharing that experience with us. Prayng that you continue to experience healing in the days to come. Hope Jones

Derek and Debbie said...

Was so happy to get an update and hear all the good news. Continuing to pray. We were in Nashville yesterday with Alex and Britt for church and they sang this song after a great message and communion. It was so good and the line i loved the best was through the highs and lows. Continuing to pray. Love you all bunches.

Anonymous said...

It is so good to have heard this good news. I have thought about the family often and want you to know you are still in my prayers. Our God is a mighty God who saves and He will never let go. Praying for further Blessings,

James M.

Anonymous said...

thank for share, it is very important . ̄︿ ̄

SentimentsbyDenise said...

I continue to pray for Melissa and her family.
I saw Doug and the children in the hall at church last Sunday - what a faithful family!
I know God is doing a mighty work in your lives.

JC said...

WOW! I am humbled by the strength of your entire family and continue to pray for continued victories in health. We are lifting you all up in prayer. Praise the Lord for his continued faithfulness that is manifested in Melissa's recovery, and the numerous blessings to come for this family.

J coble