Friday, March 5, 2010

the latest and greatest.....

well, she didn't get to go home today, but she still has some good news!!! her count was 1.4 on wednesday, 2.6 on thursday, and today her count was 3.1!!! is that awesome or what??!! we are so thankful for the many answered prayers.

the doctors are pleased with the way the areas on her legs are responding to an antibiotic. she is receiving vancomycin intravenously. it cannot be given orally and must be administered this way so it was impossible for her to be treated in outpatient care. she will remain in the hospital over the weekend and most likely go home on monday. i will be headed to indy to help take care of her during her first week at home. i cannot wait to spend some more time with her. what a blessing it is to be the big sister to both her and jenn!!!

she will be having an echo cardiogram done on monday morning. this is fairly standard given the high doses of chemotherapy she has received. this test is performed to ensure that all the valves within her heart are working properly. please pray that the test will go well and the results will be favorable. also, please pray that the condition on her legs will continue to subside.

thank you so much for your continued prayers!!! i feel like i've said that so much, but we truly don't know what we'd do without them. i mean that from the bottom of my heart!!! i will keep you posted on her count and her dismissal from the hospital.

love to each of you.....

"what i've learned in my life
one thing greater than my strife
is his grasp
so hold fast!!!"


Pascal said...

That's really great news...I know Missy will be glad to be home.
We continue to pray.

Pascal Dorothy

Rebecca W said...

So thankful!! Continuing to pray here in VA!