Wednesday, March 3, 2010

going home!!!

yes, that's what i just said!!! if all continues to go well, melissa will more than likely get to go home on friday!!! she is thrilled. we all are. i will know more details tomorrow and will update the blog. her count was only 1.4 today. however, she could still get to go home as she is a cord blood transplant and it takes the white blood cell count longer to rise in those cases.

i will keep you posted. thank you so much for all of your prayers!!!

god is good!!!


Jess said...

That would be awesome for her to go home on Friday!

Praying that you are able to, Melissa!!!

Hopesrising said...

Michelle.. I don't post here but I do pray for Melissa daily. I am so happy her counts are rising. I have Nhl although I have not had a transplant yet. I have friends who have and its a long process. I will continue to pray for her and your family.