Thursday, March 18, 2010

brief update

hey!!! it has been over a week since we've posted an update. just wanted to let you know that melissa is doing well and she will be posting on the blog sometime before the close of the weekend!!! be looking for it.....she will fill you in on some exciting preliminary results, amazing answers to prayer, and ways to continue praying regarding upcoming tests. we love and appreciate each one of you!!!



Linda said...
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Linda said...

We, who have been reading about you, are so blessed. Your family, your faith, your love and your strength are incredible! May God continue to watch over you.

Darren Moses said...

Thinking about you today and your AMAZING journey with an AMAZING God!! We are blessed by your testimony and pray for you daily. Korey & I wear our 'LIVESTRONG' bracelets in your honor. Korey hasn't taken it off in a year.
Please give Doug our best and give your kids a huge hug also!

Darren & Melissa

日月神教-向左使 said...