Wednesday, February 10, 2010

wednesday.....another four laps!!!

well, she did it again!!! she walked four laps around the unit floor again today!!! we are so proud of her and so excited about her continued progress. we give all the praise to god!!! he is so good. no matter the circumstance, he is faithful to see us through.

i just called the hospital and uncle dan said she was having difficulty with what can best be described as "restless leg syndrome." it is a side effect of one of the medications used and it happened with her first transplant as well. it would be uncomfortable for anyone, but imagine being weak and pretty much bedridden and feeling that way. please pray specifically about this sensation in her legs. pray that any discomfort or anxiety will be eased and that she will have an evening of peace and rest. she asked that uncle dan read some scriptures to her that she had taped on her wall. what a blessing!!!

she and uncle dan have truly enjoyed this time together. i don't think he is looking forward to leaving on saturday. i will be taking his place. i am so excited!!! i will update again tomorrow. thank you for your continued prayers.


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