Sunday, February 21, 2010

sunday evening

melissa has rested just about the entire day. she is sleeping a lot due to the pain medication she is being given. with all the sleeping and the catheter, she is still not able to be up and therefore, she cannot walk those wonderful laps.

please, please pray that the bk virus will run its course quickly!!! then, she can be off the pain meds and back in her normal routine. also, please pray that her nausea will decrease. she really hasn't been eating too much and does not have much of an appetite.

her count is still holding steady at .3. thank the lord!!! we are just eager to see her beat this virus and for the nausea to dissipate. please join us in praying specifically for this!!! her friend susan arrived tonight to stay a few days with her. what a blessing.

thanks to each of you for your continued thoughts and prayers. it is what carries us through. i received a beautiful prayer from a friend tonight and i wanted to share it with you all.....

"Precious Lord, tonight I am praying for my friend Michelle and her sweet sisters Melissa and Jennifer, sweet Jesus, you know how very much these girls love each other and I do too because I love my baby sisters too, so I am asking that you give them a peace that shortens the distance they feel from one another, grace to face tomorrow and the ability to feel all the love and prayers that are offered for them daily. I claim victory for dear Melissa, cover her with the precious healing blood and allow her to be used by you to help others who suffer, along with the wonderful continued support of her sisters! In the only name we can ask ALL this in, Your Son, Jesus, Amen."

thanks, laura!!! blessings to each of you.....

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