Saturday, February 20, 2010

saturday update

well, i left indianapolis today and i so did not want to leave melissa. i will be back soon though. it was just difficult to leave her, but i know that she is in such good hands with the medical staff there. more than that, i know that she is in the mighty arms of a loving heavenly father. i rest in that. our entire family rests in that. melissa rests in that.

okay, now for an update. as you already know, she had a catheter placed to help to relieve her of blood clots that need to be passed. she was also in severe pain and uncomfortable. even with the aid of the catheter, she has episodes of excruciating pain related to this condition.

the medical staff is thinking that this situation is most likely being caused by the bk virus or hemorrhagic cystitis. these are possible complications associated with the bone marrow transplant. just as mouth sores were a risk, this was as well. it is just not seen as often. however, it is just a bump in the road to her recovery. she is being treated for it and like any virus, it will just have to run its course.

her white blood cell count dipped just to .3 from yesterday's .4. this is not alarming at all. in fact, it is something we were told to expect. the recovery process involved in a bone marrow transplant can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. this slight drop could have been caused by the virus she is fighting, but at the same time, it could have happened without it as well. on an extremely positive note, the quality of her count and the neutrophils are looking good!!! praise the lord!!!

with the placement of the catheter, she has not been able to walk her laps. please pray that she will stay strengthened during this time--physically, emotionally, and spiritually. pray also that she will be comfortable and the virus passes quickly. of course, continue to pray for her white blood cell count to continue to rise. she so badly wants to get home to doug and their precious children.

continue to send the mail. it is such an encouragement to her heart and soul. thank you for taking the time to drop her a note. while it may seem small, it is so very meaningful to her. mom is staying the night with her this evening. mom was so excited about it!!! melissa's wonderful friend, susan, arrives for her second stay tomorrow and will leave wednesday. great family friend, tara, arrives wednesday and stays through the weekend with melissa. thank you, lord, for these precious souls we are blessed to call friends. god is so good!!!

i will close now. i miss her so much. i miss holding her hand, laughing with her, praying with her, crying with her, watching movies, eating hospital food, and i even miss my lovely pull-out chair bed. she is simply amazing. her joy and her faith is astounding. i leave her blessed and refreshed spiritually because of her walk during this storm.

thank you beyond words for your continued love and prayers!!!


"and now, lord, what do i wait for and expect? my hope and expectation are in you." psalms 39:7

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