Friday, February 12, 2010

the kids are coming!!!

great news!!! melissa gets to see the kids!!! caleb, lauren, and audrey will be coming to see melissa sometime tomorrow. happy dance!!! she is so excited and i know they are too. they will be coming to the hospital with doug. what a sweet reunion that will be.

i arrive at the hospital tomorrow for a one week stay. i cannot wait to see her!!! uncle dan will be headed back to columbus. he and melissa have enjoyed their time together so much.

thanks for your continued prayers!!! she is still enjoying the mail. i will give an update after i see her tomorrow.


p.s. in case you're wondering, yes, she did walk six laps today!!! woohoo!!! six laps!!! she laughed with me on the phone today and said that she is feeling pressure now to do better than the day before since i am posting it on the blog. haha. i told her there is no pressure whatsoever, but she'll need to start jogging when i arrive. wink, wink. seriously, it's just such an encouragement for all of us to see her strength increasing. god is so good!!!

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