Friday, February 26, 2010

it's friday!!!

i apologize for not updating yesterday. my laptop had a virus. so, to fill you in.....wonderful family friend, tara, arrived wednesday evening to stay for a few days. we love and appreciate you. tara!!! on thursday, melissa held on to her count of 1.0. she was able to take a shower and a short walk.

today, her count is 1.1!!! we are so thankful to see this progression and her doctors continue to be pleased. as i have said before, she needs two consecutive days at 2.0, or 2,000, before going home. there are other things as well that the medical staff will want to see before releasing her. for instance, she is still struggling with nausea, loss of appetite, and headaches. these will all have to be resolved in order for her to go home. when i spoke with her last night, she asked that i share with you all two specific prayer requests. she asked that you pray her nausea will diminish and she will be able to eat. she also asked that you pray her strength and mobility will improve. as she had the bk virus and catheter for several days, she was unable to get up or walk. she is having to rebuild her endurance. of course, we know that she can and will!!! she is one determined young lady and her faith is out of this world!!!

tara will be leaving tomorrow afternoon. melissa's mother in law, carolyn, will be arriving to stay for a week with her. doug's parents, harold and carolyn, and his siblings, rachael, james, and sarah are all so wonderful!!! god has blessed melissa with such a strong support system within both her circle of friends and also within her circle of family!!!

melissa had hoped to possibly be home by now. however, her doctors feel she is right on course. i encourage you to continue to send her mail if you would. i know that it would really bring encouragement to her as she is in this final stretch of her stay. her mailing address is the following(no room number is needed):

indiana university medical center
550 university boulevard
bmt unit(5th floor)
attn: melissa rex
indianapolis, in 46202

thanks to each one of you for your love and interest in melissa's story. as i have said before, it is one of great hope. she is an inspiration, even to those of us closest to her. thank you, lord, for melissa. we thank you for the beautiful wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, and friend that she is. we know that she is your child. continue to wrap your arms of love around her. fill her with a peace that passes all understanding and bring healing to her body. in the precious name of jesus, amen.


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