Monday, February 22, 2010

good news!!!

oh, i am so happy and thankful!!! melissa is doing better. the bk virus appears to be running its course. her urine is clear and there have been no more blood clots in the last twenty-four hours. thank the lord!!! she is still uncomfortable at times, but the medical staff believes the discomfort is actually being caused by the catheter. if all continues to go well, her catheter will be removed in the next day or so. this means that she can be up and walking again soon!!! happy dance!!!

i actually got to talk to her a couple of times today, which was wonderful. she has been sleeping the majority of the time since friday due to the pain medication. it was so good to have a conversation with her. with the virus dissipating, she will be taking less of the pain meds and in turn, she will be more coherent and active.

she is still struggling with nausea and lack of appetite. continue to pray that the nausea will lessen and that she be able to eat. i am sure that being up and more active will help in this situation.

now, for some good news.....her count is back up to .4!!! i am so excited about this, especially considering that she has been fighting a virus. we trust that she will continue to keep progressing and her count will continue its sweet rise. we must trust and be patient.

your prayers are priceless!!!

....."but let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing." james 1:4

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