Thursday, February 11, 2010

five laps!!!

well, things were so much better today than last night. i want to thank each you for your prayers. the severe restlessness that melissa experienced in her legs and throughout her body was replaced with god's peace and a restful night's sleep. thank you, lord!!!(it was later found to be a reaction to a drug she was given.)

she woke this morning feeling much better. yesterday she received platelets and today she received blood. i know that she felt strengthened by that. she enjoyed a visit with mom and later with her former "roomie", our cousin charlene, and her husband, greg.

today, she walked five laps. that's right.....five laps!!! woohoo, little miss, we are so proud of you!!! i know her three biggest inspirations aid her in that walk.....caleb james, lauren grace, and little audrey jane. they definitely inspire her and give her the will to push for that fifth lap, i just know.

last night, when she was feeling so restless and was literally in tears, what did she want to bring her comfort?? god's word. there is nothing better to calm and soothe a weary soul. i would've loved to have been there to share in that moment when uncle dan read selected scriptures that have been mailed to her and have meant so much during this time. the three of us girls have been so incredibly blessed to have uncle dan in our lives. i know that he was an extra special blessing last night.

a wonderful friend messaged me a portion of her beth moore bible study yesterday. it was so fitting for melissa and she wanted to share it with me. i will close with it and i hope it touches you in the way that it touched me. thanks, joanne!!!

"hebrews 4:12 tells us god's word is alive and powerful and so sharp that it divides soul and spirit, joints and marrow. the most dramatic "cure" for certain cancers is a bone marrow transplant. god's word is meant to get all the way into our bones, curing our character sicknesses with the most dramatic of all marrow transplants. christ is our donor. a perfect match for all infirmed."



3 Twisted Sisters said...

Great news! Thanks for sharing it!!!!

Jen M.

Hope said...

What an awesome quote and what a fitting word for you as you go through this experience. We love you Missy and we are praying the prayer the never fails, "Not my will but thine be done."

kerri said...

so good to hear that Melissa was able to rest last night. I prayed as I lay in bed last night for her legs to be still and for peace to fill her room. The Stetler's are praying daily for you entire family.