Monday, February 22, 2010

even better news!!!

mom and dad just called me.....when the nurses did some additional blood work and testing today, they learned that melissa's white blood cell count had climbed even higher than this morning!!! it is .5!!! woohoo!!! happy dance!!! thank you, lord!!!


Jess said...

What an answer to prayer!!! Continued thoughts and prayers!

Debbie said...

Hi Michelle! I was in Florida visiting my grandma and was unable to read your updates. I just read through everything from the past week. While I was sorry to hear about the virus, I was excited to hear about her increase to .5. I've been praying for her and really hope she is able to get home soon!

Jessie said...

Amazing!!! I am so happy for you guys! Keep the good news coming. It stinks that she has to be in bed but her body is working with it and using the rest to heal. You are in our prayers!