Monday, February 15, 2010

9 laps and a .3 white blood cell count!!!

well, it has certainly been a great day preceded by an even better weekend. i arrived here on saturday and uncle dan said his goodbyes and spent saturday evening at doug and melissa's home. he had a wonderful evening with doug and the children by the fireplace, sharing a book that had been pre recorded with melissa's voice reading the story. the children loved it!!!

as you saw in the previous post, doug brought caleb, lauren, and audrey here to the hospital on saturday to visit melissa. they all had such a wonderful visit. at one point, as the children were preparing to leave, it became impossible for melissa to hold back the tears. four-year old lauren came right over to her in the most gentle and maternal way. she reached for her momma's face and said, "it's okay, momma. don't cry, we're praying for you." wow. out of the mouths of babes!!!

melissa and doug enjoyed some time together alone on valentine's day. i returned later and the three of us watched a movie together. she walked 8 laps with doug on sunday, after having walked 7 laps with uncle dan the day before. and, guess what??!! she walked 9 laps today and let me tag along. 18 laps is the equivalent to one mile. so, today, she walked 1/2 a mile!!! woohoo!!! there is nothing like walking arm in arm with my sister or massaging her feet. we're often asked by the staff about how many siblings we have, do we have any brothers, etc. we reply that there are three of us girls, we are each very close to one another, and we can't imagine it being any other way. as jenn once said, it seems the three of us sisters have always been and the three of us sisters will always be!!! thank god for my sisters.

now, for the really good news.....her white blood cell count was .3 today. praise the lord!!! on saturday, it was .2, which is just where it is able to be measured again after bottoming out. on sunday, it dipped below .2, which is basically zero. but, today, it bounced back up to a high of .3, which means 300. we are often asked what it will have to be before she can go home. it will have to measure 2,000 for two consecutive days. that may seem a long way off, but it can be a faster and steadier climb than one might think. for instance, once she reaches .9, the next increase will be 1,000!!! of course, there will be some bumps along the way. the doctors continue to be pleased with her progress. we just thank the lord for carrying her this far through the process.

melissa is just falling asleep now as i write this, but she wanted me to share about the childrens' day. there was no school as it was presidents' day. caleb and lauren got to go to work with their daddy. the office staff just loves them and, of course, the children love being there. little audrey spent the day with our parents, where she put on a "small" concert. mom said that she reached the highest note at the ending of each song at which point mom and dad would know to applaud. she would then say, "one more." mom said there were probably about 30 songs!!! haha. oh, the love of grandparents.

i will close now and hope to give you an update tomorrow of another increase in her counts. always remember that god is faithful no matter what mountain you are facing, he will see you through!!!

love each one of you.....


Anonymous said...

God is so good! Thank you for the updates!

Derek and Debbie said...

Great news. So happy to hear all the good news!