Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Transplant complete!

I wanted to write a quick update to let all of my sister's prayer warriors know that her transplant went well today. Some of you may remember that last year she experienced a few side effects during the actual procedure itself. This time, there was none of that which we are thankful for! All went well and smoothly.

She appreciated the fact that Pastor Morris and Pastor Jason were both there with Miss and family before the transplant. They laid hands on her and prayed for the healing that we believe will take place just moments before they gave Miss her new stem cells. As Missy described to me on the phone, there was a very happy, peaceful feeling in the room. We thank our Heavenly Father for that!

And I do have to tell you that she said she is LOVING that mail that so many of you have sent already! It sooo brightens her day to hear encouragment from all of you, so THANK YOU for that!

Please pray that those stem cells will settle exactly where they need to be to take over and overpower the bad cells. Also, please pray that the side effects from chemo will stay away from her.

We SO appreciate your prayers and appreciate YOU too!!!

Love to all,

Melissa's sister~ Jenn


Derek and Debbie said...

Praying right now that new cells are growing strong and side effects will be minimal.So thankful for the pastors being there and praying. Such a blessing.

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