Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hospital Address

Hello everyone! While I know I am surrounded by the Lord's arms right now, I will be very transparent and tell you I am shaking in my shoes! The anticipation of and preparation for the departure to the hospital is certainly not what I wish anyone to experience. I was able to have a wonderful time with all of my family being with me in church this morning. My beautiful sisters, Jennifer and Michelle were in town for the weekend, along with their husbands (my handsome brother-in-laws Mike and John...didn't want to leave you guys out :). ) I know I was surrounded by so much love. I must admit I was a bit distracted during the last half of the service, since I was able to hold my amazingly adorable niece, Lexi. She is just a bundle of sweet love! To tell you a little about the service one point my sister looked at me and said "Is this service just for you?" I know there are many people carrying heavy burdens right now, but the songs that were chosen for this week were so fitting for me. Thank you Lord for that little reminder through the worship songs and specials today! (And thank you, Aaron Baker for being a great worship leader!)

So, I wanted to share the wonderful news that I will be able to see my children. We were told they are not quite as tight on the rules (keep it on the down-low) as it appears. That is an answer to many prayers! Please just pray that the visiting times would flow smoothly, and the children would be able to see me at the best times possible for all of us. My wonderful husband also bought web-cams so that we can see each other every day that way, too! I do appreciate modern day technology! Don't understand it all....but so appreciate it!

I also wanted to BEG you to send me mail! I love mail on any given day, but you don't understand the excitement of a nurse carrying cards into my room. That would make me so happy, and I am not being shy about putting that huge hint out there! The address is:

Indiana University Medical Center
550 University Boulevard
BMT Unit (5th floor)
ATTN: Melissa Rex
Indianapolis, IN 46202

If I find out a room number would expediate the delivery, I will definitely let you know!

The next time I write to you, I will be in a different surrounding awaiting a huge event in my life...please continue praying!

All my love,


michelle said...
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michelle said...

i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! praying for you every waking moment. you are never alone. jesus will continue to walk along side you and carry you when needed. you bless my heart and soul, beautiful sister.

Derek and Debbie said...

You are safe in His arms. Scripture I read this morning reminded me of that. "The beloved of the Lord rest in safety." Deut. 33:12 NRSV Praying you feel His arms around you. Love You all!

nics09 said...

God is working miracles through you. Real ones... I've seen them first-hand. I am one! Many prayers for you and your family!

A Romantic Porch said...

I have been praying for you this week Melissa. When you are weak HE is strong. Love, Rachel

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