Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Next Step

My mother recently reminded me of something that I needed to hear. "God will direct your steps...we may not always know the next one ahead of time, but He will guide you." That just really sunk in deep! I thought that by Monday I would know the details of the next few weeks, and the timeline of the transplant and everything leading up to it. Well, I do know a little....but not as much as I thought I would. So, I really needed to hear my Mom's sweet words of wisdom!

Right now, I know that I will be going back in for another round of chemo tomorrow, Thursday, December 3. I will be staying in for three days as I have the previous rounds. This really is a huge answer to prayer....since it takes about three weeks for my counts to fully recover from being knocked down after chemo, this is going to allow me to be HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! I've known there was a possibility I would be gone for Christmas, if they felt I should go ahead and begin the transplant process. I am sooooo grateful!

I also know that my transplant (of course there are a lot of tests to be done beforehand to make sure my body is strong enough for it) will take place in January. Doug and I will be discussing some things with the doctors, in order to make a decision on where it will take place: New York or Indiana. Both locations are doing cord blood studies, so we will talk with them to discern if either place has any particular steps in the process that would be beneficial for my particular case. At least with this third round of chemo, we will have some extra time to make that decision.

I also would like to add that while I have been typing this, Lauren has been leaning over and kissing my cheek several times. Nothing like sharing good news with you and receiving some of the sweetest kisses in the world!!! Thank you, Lord for your blessings!

Much love to each of you,


(April, since I know now how many times you check my blog, I had to acknowledge you and say thank you!!!! :)