Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Caleb James!

Our sweet little Caleb James turned six years old today! He is so excited about today being his birthday! I know he knows how old he is; however, this morning when I was talking to him about what a big boy he is now that he is six years old...his eyes got really big. It must have sounded so great to him. "Six years old? (Long pause and stare) You're not joking?" Then he proceeded to strut around the living room with a little extra pep in his step! He is such a joy, and we thank the Lord for blessing us with the gift of his life!


Jenn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Caleb!! I love those pictures of him, and I remember taking them when you were visiting us in PA. :) What a cutie then, and what a handsome young guy he is now! I LOVE YOU, Caleb James!!! ~Aunt Jenn

michelle said...

happy birthday, caleb!!! aunt shell loves you so much!!! god blessed the day you came into our lives.

Jocelyn said...

Okay, the first thing I noticed was how bright white Cow is in the first picture!

I can't believe he is 6 years-old. It seems like yesterday we were visiting you at the hospital the night before!

Happy Birthday Caleb! We miss you all.

Jessie said...

Happy Birthday to your Caleb!
I think of you sooo much and I'm so hopeful for this new chemo you are doing! We're still praying for all of you!!!