Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthday Celebrations!

First, let me give you a quick update on what is going on with me. I finished my last 3 day round of chemo on October 2. Other than getting my lab work done twice a week, I have just been resting and recovering over these last three weeks. I have had to go in to receive blood and platelets, which has been a pretty normal routine for me at some point following chemo. I will be returning for round two of this regimen on Monday, October 26th. (May I add how excited I am that I will be home for my wonderful husband's birthday on the 25th? Thank you Jesus!) Following this next round of chemo will be the PET scan (to be scheduled) which will tell us if there has been any improvement. If so, my treatment will most likely be moved to Sloan Kettering in New York. Please continue praying....I am trusting and believing with all of my heart! Overall, I have been feeling very good...again, thank you Jesus!

Now onto the fun birthday celebration pictures! There are no words to describe how grateful I was to be able to prepare for Caleb (Oct. 6th) and Audrey's (Oct. 21st) joint birthday party! It was so much fun! I just loved knowing how much they enjoyed their day. Our children are such a gift to all of us. As I soaked in every minute of the festivities, I kept thanking the Lord that I was able to experience that day with our children.

(Just a side note...I decided it would simplify things this year if I used the same theme for both Caleb and Audrey. Last year, I did have a "boy" room decorated for Caleb, and a girly area for Audrey. I have received some fun-loving ridicule this year that Audrey was being subjected to a solar system theme...which is what Caleb chose. Hey, she's two....and she loves anything right now! I think it was really cute. :) Here is a glimpse of our fun day...

As you will see throughout the pictures, sweet Audrey kept a straight face with the camera that day!

The birthday boy enjoying his pizza

"When's this party gettin' started?"

Lauren sat so sweetly and patiently beside her big brother while he opened every gift.

Caleb and Lauren love their cousin Megan!

...and Madi!

He was so excited to wear this gift to church the next day!

Please notice that mid-way through the party, Audrey wanted to wear this apron. My Grandma made this many years ago...I love Audrey needed to have it on!

Audrey trying out her new Radio Flyer tricycle...and Lauren and Sophie
trying to hitch a ride.

I think Lauren is posing for a senior picture....

Caleb blew out six candles and Audrey blew out two while we sang Happy Birthday.

He is serious about pinata time!

Trying to get a good hold on the bat...

Whoa...this is fun!

A little face painting to top off the day at the Rocket Rally Carnival
at Caleb's school later that evening.

This is a sign of a successful party!

A little hair coloring for Lauren...

...and Caleb.

What a wonderful day!!!


Greg McDonald said...

Pictures are ADORABLE! Thank you for letting us share the day! Love you much! Charene

Greg McDonald said...

Uh,'s late and I've forgotten how to spell my name! Try that again...Love you much! CharLene

Derek and Debbie said...

Looks like a fun party. I know Amanda was so glad to be with you all.Your children are the sweetest. Glad you have been feeling pretty good. We continue to pray. Thanks for sharing the celebration. Love You All!

michelle said...

okay, i was completely overwhelmed by these pictures and i was even there at the party!!! just so fun to see again the memories that were made that day. love the pics of audrey "at bat" at the pinata and the one of her completely passed out with her papaw rex. you looked soooo beautiful that day and i could cry now not remembering if i told you how beautiful you were and are!!! obviously, i am missing you all. can't wait to see you in a couple weeks for dad's birthday. praying daily and trusting the lord wholly!!! love you each so much.....

Jenn said...

Miss, you look so great and gorgeous in all the pictures! I just want to reach in and hug you and the kids too! Oh, the pics of the kids were too cute for words. LOVED the one of Caleb and Lauren sitting together on the sweet. I fully support the solar system theme by the way. We need to take advantage of these moments that Audrey is still clueluess. ha ha!


3 Twisted Sisters said...

Great pictures!!!! I love them all! Jen

Cramer said...

Melissa and Doug,
I am so blessed every time I get on your blog! Your kids bring tears to my eyes with their beauty and excitement of life. Thanks so much for sharing!