Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tomorrow Morning

I know I haven't done a great job recently of updating everyone on how I am doing. Overall since my last week of chemo at the end of July, I have been feeling pretty good. I still feel very tired on some days, and have to just rest and lie down. My lab work has shown that my counts are steadily on the rise, which is what we want to see. Thank you, Lord, for that answer to prayer.

Tomorrow morning I will be having a PET scan. I need to arrive by 8:15 to register, and the scan will follow shortly thereafter. This is the first scan I have had since beginning this chemo regimen in June. We will be learning what progress has been made and how the tumor has changed in the last few months. After we know the results (probably Thursday) we will then be scheduling the next step. I will either go forward with in initial appointment with a doctor in Seattle (Yes, Washington. I promise more details to follow.), or with my third round of the chemo regimen.

Please be praying that peace will continue to fill my heart and saturate our home. We have waited many, many times for results, and I don't think it gets any easier. I am so thankful to know that God is the same steady Rock that He always has been in my life....I am waiting hand in hand with Him.

Much love to you,


michelle said...

i love you and i am praying continually for your miracle. thank you for the amazing way that you have consistently lived out your faith!!! it's one thing to talk it, but an entirely different thing to walk it. keep your eyes on jesus. i love you, miss, and i am so proud to be your sister!!!

Jenn said...

We are soooo praying for good news here for you!!! Thank you for being your AWESOME self. Love you SO much, Sis!!!

R&JMeholick said...

I pray for you daily! I will be thinking og you and continuing to keep you in my prayers tomorrow!! I pray that you will have peace about the decisions to be made. Thank-you for all your prayers and support to me. Cancer is a daily battle, but I know God will always carry me through!!
Love,Rachel Meholick

Rebecca W said...

Praying for you in a special way tomorrow and over the next few days!

Cramer said...

You are in my thoughts often and I will be praying for good news! You are an amazing woman and you are always lifting me with your true faith!!

Lydia Brown said...

Still praying nightly for your healing and for your family. Continue updating us when you can but continue spending time with your family first when you have the strength to do so. I'll take it as no news is good news.