Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good news!

Her white count looks good and her chest x-ray is clear, so that means no new infection. It is just one of the annoying fevers that creeps in with the lymphoma, but anything 102 degrees or higher always has to be checked out.

The good news is that all this was done at the nearby hospital, and she gets to go home now! My mom gave me the update, but I can only imagine how relieved Miss is that she does not have to endure an unexpected hospital stay!

Thankful for all of you, your prayers and your support!

Please Pray

I just got a phone call from my sister. Her fever is back with a temperature of 102, so she needs to go get everything checked out. This is a surprise frustration for her as she has been doing so well lately, with lots of energy.

She wanted me to ask that you pray for 2 specific things:

1)That the kids stay settled peacefully as they miss their mother when she is away.

2) That she could possibly receive the necessary antibiotic treatment at the closer hospital she is going to now. Otherwise, she will be admitted to the hospital downtown Indy.

I'm going to throw in a third: Please pray for Miss to have peace of mind and heart as this is an unexpected thing to do.

Thanks in advance for your prayers! I'll let you know as I hear more.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Caleb's First Day of Kindergarten

I can't believe this day is here! I remember his arrival into this world so clearly. I remember holding him and looking at his perfect little face and you're the little boy I've fallen in love with over the past nine months!

Caleb is such a joy and source of happiness for us. He is a wonderful big brother to Lauren and Audrey (with a few exceptions here and there). He has been so extremely excited to begin school. He's had a little extra pep in his step as the day has approached. He and Daddy went shopping for school supplies together last week, and also purchased some needed clothes and shoes for the school year. He is growing like a weed! He was such a chubby baby...he had rolls everywhere! I loved it. His little feet were so chunky and puffy, they looked like they may pop! All of that to say, he is getting tall and is very lean. I affectionately call him a green bean! As much as I dreaded sending him to school, I love seeing his enthusiasm about it. He is just growing up so fast! He will always be my baby boy.

I will end for now before I become too teary to see the page! The pictures will speak for themselves. They were all taken Wednesday, the first day of his afternoon Kindergarten. I take him to school, and then he rides the bus home. (Which is so cute, because the school is basically a hop, skip, and a jump
away from our house!) The bus ride may be the highlight of his little life.

Caleb James....we love you even more today than the first day we held you in our arms! Happy First Day of Kindergarten!