Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Post-Chemo Update

Melissa has been home from the hospital for several days now. They gave her about a week of that new chemo regimen, and her medication for the pain continued to do well and be more balanced. Now we wait for a donor for her next transplant.

She is experiencing what I think are common post-chemo symptoms...some occassional nausea and low platelets. We all know that even the simple, seemingly small prayer requests are important too. The low platelets cause her gums to be sore at times, which makes it hard for her to eat. We would appreciate your prayers for her about that.

We have heard that that one person that was found to be an initial match for her has given a blood sample for further match-testing. The matching is so extensive, and I really don't understand it well enough to explain it myself. Although we know this one person is a possibility, please don't let this deter you from still joining the registry!! If this person does not end up being her match, you still could be that for her! She and all of us appreciate SO much the many people that unhesitatingly signed up to become a donor on the registry. And we also appreciated the many people that attempted to sign up, but found out for whatever reason that they were not eligible. THANK YOU ALL for that!!!

We appreciate your continued prayers for her future donor to come quickly!

With much love and appreciation for you all!!!



April said...

We will continue to pray that that donor will be a match for you Melissa. Ryan and I received our kit in the mail a couple of days ago. For anyone who is hesitant or has questions, it was the easiest test ever...Just 4 little swabs that you rub on the inside of your cheek for 10 seconds. Such a "simple" test for a "HUGE" purpose. Melissa we love and think of you daily.

Cramer said...

I also found out that they received additional funding for the research so the fee is waived indefinitely! If you missed the cutoff and still want to join, keep that in mind!