Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Details

This is a quick update of the options that were given by the doctor at Sloan-Kettering. First of all, a needle-guided biopsy will be done to check on the main mass in her chest. Remembering that this mass seems to be the only area that is nonresponsive, we want to make sure that it is definitely the exact same type of lymphoma as the areas that did respond. This biopsy will tell us that.

There is also another chemo regimen that the doctor suggested. This is known as the EPOCH chemotherapy. I am not certain of the timeline of when this will begin. I would imagine they would need the biopsy results first.

She was also told that she should try the allogenic bone marrow/stem cell transplant after all. This is the transplant that would involve a donor, instead of using her own cells. She has been put back on the list to find a match for this.

Right now, the pressure of these decisions lies in Melissa and Doug deciding where they will go for certain treatments. Under the guidance of the new doctor, her hospital in Indiana could administer the new chemo. The doctor also suggested a couple locations near the west coast that would be good for the transplant. My sister is willing to travel whatever distance is necessary, but that thought is a painful one for her as it would be more time away from the kids.

Please pray for Miss and Doug to have clear direction about each specific location they are to go to. There is obviously a tremendous amount of pressure in that decision, but we know God will lead the way.

Thank you so much for your priceless prayers!!!


Derek and Debbie said...

We are so glad to hear about new options. We know it is painful to make decisions. We know God will give you direction and peace and that He is always there. We love you and continue to pray. God Bless You so much!

Amy said...

How encouraging to hear that you have more options to choose from! With prayful thought and consideration I know you will make the right decision for you and your family, Missy. We are praying for you everyday!!! Love you! David, Amy & Courtlyn

michelle said...

i don't have to post it here when i tell you almost everyday, but i love you more than anything. and, i am praying and trusting entirely in the one who created you and knows more about you than any physician ever could!!!

eric said...

Praying you have peace and wisdom tonight. Our thoughts and prayers are with you often.
Kerri Stetler

Amber Mc said...

We have been constantly praying for you. If any treatments are in DC or Baltimore (Johns Hopkins maybe?), you are more than welcome to stay in our home.

Cramer said...

Melissa and Doug,
You are always in my thoughts and prayers. May God give you peace and direction at this time.