Sunday, June 7, 2009

Important Dates

This Wednesday, June 10th, my sister is having her biopsy on the main mass. The sample will be sent to her new doctor at Sloan-Kettering in NYC. They are checking to see if it is definitely the same exact type of lymphoma as the rest of the spots. I imagine it would be a good thing if they could discover a difference. That way, this tumor could possibly be treatable through other means not tried yet.

Her new chemo regimen is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, June 16th. I believe this is the EPOCH chemotherapy. She will be hospitalized during that week at her hospital there in Indy.

We would appreciate your prayers about these events!!!


Andy and Wendy Ingram said...

I am praying for you Melissa! Trusting God to heal you and use the new biopsy results and new chemo treatments. I continue to lift up your whole family to God! I cannot even imagine how difficult a road this is, yet I am praying that you feel God holding you in the palms of his hands!

comfortfromtheheart said...

Melissa,how we miss seeing you, Doug, and the children. I pray for God to give you physical strength for the days ahead, and peace in the midst of all this. Hope to see you soon!

Joni Loyd said...

I am prying for you and your family as you go through this next phase. Praying for wisdom and discernment for your new doctor. God is doing a new thing and I am believing that He will heal your body completely. Blessings,

Joni Hains Loyd

greg mcdonald said...


Still praying and interceding for you, Doug, and the children. I have no doubt He will carry all of you through this time and bring glory to His name! I love you!


FrancisMoore said...

I am glad that there are still options open to you, Melissa. Thanks for the update. I call your name to God every day, and I know He is faithful. Francis Moore First Church

bre said...

I am praying for you. Our God is bigger than this cancer, bigger than your despair and He reminds us again and again to fear not. Lifting you up in prayer.. to a mighty and powerful God who still releases miracles in His time. I don't know why you are on this journey, I wish you weren't, but I am praying for a miracle for you.
God's Peace and Blessings to all of your loved ones,