Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Update

The side effects of the chemo are kicking in today. Today, she has been feeling pretty nauseous, and she's having some moments feeling really hot from the chemo as well.

They were able to find a good nausea med for her that did not make her feel dizzy, so that is good.

Right now, she is resting and sleeping peacefully. I'm actually at the hospital now with her, and I'll be here hopefully most of the week. I will have a lot more time now to keep everyone updated on how she's doing.

Could you please take a moment to sign up for a date on the February Prayer Calendar to let her know that you are thinking of her or praying for her?

Thank you!


April said...

We will pray for her on the 5th and 10th. We love you Melissa.

The Pauketats

******************** said...

Thanks, April!

Greg McDonald said...

Greg and I will continue to do every Sunday. Talked to Michelle tonight for an update. Love you, Miss and Jenn!

Believe in Miracles! said...

Thanks, Charlene! We love you too!

Melody Culver said...

Melissa, I was so touched by our pastor yesterday. He spoke of you in the morning service and in the evening service. I had read your blog so I knew what he was about to say. He shared your quote with us.

I remember the first time we met, just recently really. You said, we had something in common...cancer. I looked at you a beautiful young mother in love with her husband and children. I was sad that cancer was what we had in common.

As a result of having cancer, I can totally relate to what you say, the lyrics of the songs you pick, the entire situtation.

I have awakened two mornings to the lyrics of "Whatever You're Doing." I immediately think of you and start to pray.

I spoke about you to a nurse at the Cancer Treatment Center in Zion last week. I know this time is crucial. My prayers are constant. With each breath I take, I am praying God will provide for your every need...from a sip of water to relieve from pain. I pray that God would love your husband, Doug in ways he cannot explain. I pray the loving arms of family and friends would surround your children while you cannot be with them. I pray as you rest, as you sleep, as you are awake, you would be completely aware of HIS Total commitment of LOVE to you. As we walk through this Valley may we be reminded that we are WALKING through..not stopping and staying. God was, is and will be enough. Melissa, please know how much we truly love your family.

I long for the day we can sit at a table, enjoy a meal and share with one another the awesome LOVE of God who walks with us....who allows us to use our situations to lead others to Christ. Praise His Holy Name! Love, Melody

Jocelyn said...

Praying for you daily...just sent you an email.

Love you.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Praying for you today!