Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Rays of Sunshine

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, the kids are the "rays of sunshine" for all of us, especially Miss and Doug. Below are some of the comical things they have said lately, as well as some pics. These are pics that I took randomly with my cell phone to send to Missy in the hopital, so sorry for the poor quality.

Starting with Mr. Caleb... I made him apologize to Lauren the other day for something, and he said in a sort of whiney, sarcastic voice--"Sor-ry, Lauren." I asked him if he meant that. He said, "Um, actually? No." At least the kid is honest.

He is a man of many personalities and characters too. Most often I see Sheriff Caleb writing me a ticket for something. Sometimes I see Caleb Cash strumming on his little guitar. But every now and then, we see.....
Armor Man

Cute Lines from Lauren….
* I like Papa-roni pizza.
* To Caleb, “You’re not my brudder anymore…ever.”
(Definitely the ultimate putdown from a 3 year old.)

And a cute moment… A pic below shows Lauren after enjoying her first hot fudge sundae from McDonald’s. Yep…leave it up to Aunt Jenn to introduce
her to that!
Chocoholic in Training

There aren't a lot of quotes yet from Audrey, except for some pretty shrill screams. It is pretty cute though...she knows we talk to Mommy on the phone. So when she sees the phone, she will say "Mommy" and "Hi!"

But even cuter than the quotes are the pigtails that she has been sporting these days. It's hard to take a good pic of a 16-month old on the move, but I thought you would enjoy the cute picture too!

And here she is...
Sleeping Beauty

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