Saturday, February 7, 2009

Doing Well, Post-Transplant

There's not a whole lot to update on right now, other than she is recovered from the earlier side effects that were happening during her transplant. She says the whole procedure is pretty much a blur for her, because of how quick it really was and how busy she was coughing and feeling sick during it.

She's been doing well and is still stronger than I expected her to be at this point. They say her weakest phase is still coming. Her spirits are good. (as if I had to tell you that.)

She has been forewarned of other probable side effects to come yet from the chemo: bad mouth sores and the worst sore throat. This would happen because the acidic chemo could affect her esophagal lining. So far, her gums have become sore recently. We are all really hoping she doesn't experience those side effects, as it really does not sound fun at all.

So for now, those are some small prayer requests.

Thank you!


mommajelly said...

Melissa, We'll continue to pray for you. I'm glad that you're through the treatment. We'll pray you through whatever side effects lie ahead of you.

mamaruth said...

Carrie has kept me posted on your condition for some time and I have shared it with my SS class each week. We are praising God for your healing am believe He is working in you. You have been a real inspiration to all of us. God bless you. Ruth Spiaggi (Carrie's mom)

Sioux said...

I have been following your blog closely, as my son-in-law was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins in Oct. 2008. He is just 31 and has 2 small children. I could follow along on your entries, and it was happening the same way with Gary. When he went in for a PET scan last week, they found 2 areas that still had spots that they were suspicious about. He had been able to go back to work for one full week, before he had to be admitted into the hospital again for another round of chemo. They are hoping this will get rid of those nasty buggars, but they are talking to him and warning that they may have to do a bone marrow transplant on him, as well. What I want to say, is that you are such an inspiration to me, and I pray that you {and he} will be healthy soon. We are aware that it is only through the healing hands of our Savior that everything is possible. Blessings of LOVE to you and your family.

Crystal33 said...

Melissa, I pray for God's peace to fill you, and for the side effects to be very minimual. I saw Doug & the kids today - you are greatly blessed. We miss you so much in SSchool. We know that God is right there w/ you. You are so beautiful, inside and out. What a wonderful gift your family has been given to have you as their mother/wife/sister. Check out the song HOPE NOW by Addison Road. The lyrics are so incredible . . . "I'm not my own, I've been carried by you all my life" Dave found this song for me, and as I have faced down the GIANT of my severe depression, I have realized that I have never been alone - God has carried me all the way!

We miss you, and look forward to seeing you soon!

Amy said...

Still continuing to pray for you daily Missy and hoping that the side effects are minimal, but that the chemo does its job.
Amy, David & Courtlyn

Donna Fancher said...

Melissa and Doug,

You and your family are in our prayers daily. Although we have not personally met, we are part of your church family which loves you so much. I know that I'm not alone when I say that prayers are going up for you often throughout every day whenever God brings you to mind. We are trusting that God will perform a miracle and will work through your medical team to bring complete healing.

Anonymous said...

Melissa, we are thinking of you. I have faith that with prayers and your positive outlook on life, that this stay in the hospital will help heal you. Many people are praying for you and your family...just know that...

Melody Culver said...

We anxiously await your GREAT news! God is so awesome. You will look at life completely differently because of this cancer. With the smallest of miracles from a little bird flying in the sky to hugs and kisses from your children, you will forever be so grateful. I can't wait to see you. I kept missing you at church. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you and your family.


Melody from 1st Church.