Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another update

Just wanted everyone to know that her fever is gone and her temp is normal now. When any transplant patient gets a fever, it may be cause for concern as a fever would be the only indicator of infection. They always do blood cultures just to be on the safe side. Also, she has had low grade fevers for the past week or two, which the nurses say could be due to the stem cells engrafting. In that case, the fever is a good thing. Fevers are also a symptom of lymphoma...another reason why we want those fevers gone! Thank you for your prayers about that!

She was feeling more nauseous by late morning. She went ahead and opted for the nausea med earlier this time, which has kicked in and helped now.

Her oxygen levels were slightly lower this morning at 92% Although this number is not terrible, they did want to look into what was causing it to be lower. They did a chest x-ray later this afternoon to look at her lungs. Not sure how soon results will be back from that, but please pray it will be nothing concerning.

Thank you!



atingram said...

I am praying right now for you fever and nausea to go away! Also, for your oxygen level to be better soon and for the x-ray to come back clear. I continue to lift you up to our heavenly Father an trust He will continue to provide healing for you!

Aspiemom said...

So glad her fever is gone and I hope that it stays gone!