Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rays of Sunshine

In the midst of the challenges that Doug and Miss are facing right now, I know the kids are a huge bright spot for them. Missy has often referred to them as her "rays of sunshine." So this post will hopefully make you all smile as it did me...

Today 5-year old Caleb strutted into the room and just stared at me. First I noticed that he was still in his jammies, that make his little legs appear to be two little string beans. Then I saw him motion to a star-like badge on his shirt. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: Well, hello there, Sheriff Caleb.

Caleb: No, I'm talkin' 'bout the poh-lice. (He motioned again toward his badge.)

Me: Oh, well then...hello there Mr. Police Officer.

He grinned at his esteemed status.

Caleb: Ma'am, I'm gonna have to unduh-awest ya.

Realizing I was about to be "under-arrested," I held my hands out to him. He cuffed only one hand, thinking that would do the trick!

Lauren's Turn:
Her famous line to a lot of people right now when she's not happy is, "Okay, but you're not going to be my best friend." As if that is the worst thing that anyone could possibly imagine! I thought it was really cute the first 18 times she said it to me.

On the flip side, she can say very sweet things too, such as "YOU are my best friend." And I've heard a few select people have been invited to "Diamond Castle" by 3-year old Lauren. I know Mommy was one of those elite few.

Baby Audrey:
So cute! She gives kisses and hugs now. She is also quite on the move a LOT! It makes me wonder...why are toddlers magnetically drawn to those things that can cause harm??
A few examples of what I'm talking about--
* The steps
* Rotating fan blades
* Electric outlets and cords
* The hot oven door
* Toilet water (yes, gross...)
* Knives from the dishwasher.
Once anyone figures out how to eliminate all of the above potential dangers, please let Aunt Jenn know!


SentimentsbyDenise said...

Yes, definitely little rays of sunshine!
So glad you have this opportunity to bless their lives, as I'm sure they are blessing yours!
Continuing to pray for Missy!

michelle said...

love it, sis. you are one of the two best aunts in the world =). the rotating fan blades is almost more than i can handle. i'm not even going to ask. i love you and missy with all of my heart. you are the best sisters in the whole wide world!!!

Will and Julia's Mommy said...

Jenn - what a great post to capture for your sister. This way she won't miss a thing.

Praying for her.