Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Parkview Church

This past weekend Doug and I visited the Dayton area for the first time since moving in August. He wanted to check on the condo and do some painting and cleaning. (Please pray with us that we will be able to sell sometime in the near future!) Because of how tired I have been lately, the kids and I spent all of Saturday in one place....the Bost home! Caleb and Lauren LOVED being reunited with their friends, Eli and Isaiah, to play the day away! I rested as much as possible while I was there, because I knew I wanted to save up energy for church Sunday morning.

We were really looking forward to visiting the church that was our family for the past five years. When we moved away, I know we felt like we would never be able to find a church like Parkview. The love and support they surrounded us with during and after the time of my diagnosis was such an amazing blessing. Isn't it interesting that sometimes we fail to remember the Lord is always working ahead of us? He wasn't going to bring us to Indiana and not provide a church for us. I want to say how thankful Doug and I are for Indy First Church, where our family now attends. Although I haven't been able to get rooted there and involved like I hope to be one day, we have been surrounded by the same love and support from our new church family. Thank you Lord for always meeting our needs!

Back to this past weekend....I wanted to share how wonderful it was to see the beautiful faces of so many friends at Parkview! We were able to be in our Sunday School class there. We walked in and sat down quietly, when all I really wanted to do was to run in and embrace everyone! (For those that know Doug, he appreciated the quiet entrance.) :) It was such an encouragement to talk to so many different ones before and after the service. I was so happy that we were blessed to hear the Target Dayton Choir sing....if seeing and hearing them doesn't encourage your heart, I don't know what does! Doug and I talked with people for a really long time after church, while the children happily laughed and played in the foyer. (And collected candy from Pi!)

My heart was so warmed and encouraged by you, our dear friends. Although we have moved, I know you are supporting us with your love and prayers more than ever. I want to say thank you for....all of your hugs, your reminders that you are lifting us up to the Father every day, your smiles, your attention to our children, your pure interest in our lives....we miss you. We love you.

One last piece of news to share, I just received word today from the transplant coordinator that I am officially approved for the bone marrow transplant. (My doctor presented my case before the transplant committee on Tuesday.) I know many of you were assuming it was for sure going to happen....but there was still relief to actually hear the words and know that I "passed" all of the work-up exams (EKG, Echo, pulmonary test, lab work, etc). Thank you Lord! I am ready to do this....I need even more prayers and encouragement during this time. I KNOW with the Lord's help and strength, WE CAN DO THIS!!!!! As soon as I know the detailed timeline of events I will share it with you.

I love you,


thethornburyfamily said...

I am so glad you got to have a weekend away and enjoy your time while you were there. I'm sure you loved every minute of it.
I am so relieved about the transplant news as well. I love you and miss you. Hopefully we can talk soon!

Jamie said...

Glad to hear the transplant is a go. I am a friend of the McDonalds and heard about your situation thru them. My family and I have been praying. We have a friend who had a stem cell transplant (w/ his own cells) about a year and a half ago. He is doing great. It's been a long road, but he's very happy that he went through with it. We will continue to pray God's strength and grace for you and your family.

Darla said...

What a blessing it was for me to see you and your beautiful family this past Sunday at Parkview! I am so glad you were able to come back and see how many people are still wrapping your family in prayers each day. Our Sunday School classes are lifting you up and people ask each other about you weekly. You have such tremendous faith that it's contagious. Thank you Father for bringing your angel to us Sunday and showing us again what trusting in You with everything looks like. You are beautiful Melissa!
Darla B.

Amy said...

What a relief to get the final ok for the transplant. I was looking through some old pictures the other day and thinking back to how much fun we had. I miss you, Melissa! We are keeping you in our prayers daily.

3 Twisted Sisters said...

Melissa you are always in our prayers!! With life as busy as it is we don't get to talk nearly as much as I would like, but so I'm thrilled to be able to check on you through the blog! Please know that if you need ANYTHING - we are just a few doors down!!! Jen & family

Joanna McQuiston said...

I was a recent patient of Dr. Rex. I thank you for taking good care of me and how easy it was to talk to you. Most of all I thank you for sharing with us about your wife, being so open about it and openly expressing your faith in God being with you through the entire journey and knowing He has a plan for you.

I honestly believe I ended up at Westview to meet you and to learn about your journey with Melissa and your family. I had no idea that Westview even existed. Our neighbors told us about it as we were walking out the door when they realized the severity of the pain I was in at the time. They knew it was close and could get me in quickly.

Thank you for the blog and your ministry through this adventure with song and words of Jesus and His love for you through this storm. He won't ever leave you. I count myself blessed to have met you Dr. Rex and blessed that I can pray for all of you.

In Him,

Joanna McQuiston

candi marler said...

I was informed of your illness through my friend Jenny Sulgrove. It seems like the mom sets the emotion for the day in the home. From reading about you, it sounds like you are a spark of joy and humor in your home. I know God is a great Healer. I've seen His power in many lives. I pray He receives glory for your healing and that your life represents His love and compassion. Sincerely, Candi

The Burgess Family said...

Glad to hear you got the word!! Praying in NC!!

steph said...

I will be praying for you and for a successful transplant. I am just so inspired by your faith and devotion. You are a wonderful testimony. It is so great to see a friend faced with such obstacles to totally rely on their faith in God. He is so good! I know you will do fine and continue to be a wonderful testimony to so many people!
Love and Prayers,