Monday, December 15, 2008

"Pray For Melissa" (prayer calendar)

Please look at Melissa's new prayer calendar.

We appreciate everyone's prayers, and would love to give her a visible picture of the many friends and loved ones that are literally covering her in prayer every single day...If you would like to choose a date to pray diligently for her, reply back in the comments of that post, and I'll add your name to your chosen date on the calendar.

Thank you for allowing her to see the many prayers that surround her daily!!


michelle said...

i love you, sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome idea!!!!!!!!!!!

April said...


We love you and are always praying for your family. We would be honored to set aside December 20th as our special prayer day for you, Doug and the kids. What a great idea.

Happy Holidays,
The Pauketats

Angie said...

Please add me to the prayer calendar. I pray for her daily but would love to commit a day to pray for her. Let me know my date!

Sarena said...


You have been heavy on my heart the past week. Kurt and I have prayed for you, Doug and the kids everynight during our family prayer time. And prayers are going up thoughout the day!!!! i wish I could just give you a great big hug and tell you everything is going to be alright. We love you guys

The Althouse Family

SentimentsbyDenise said...

I fast and pray every Thursday and would count it a privilege to pray for Melissa each Thursday.
The Rex family comes to my mind so often these days that I know it's God prompting me to pray and lift them to His Throne. I believe He is working in this situation to bring glory and honor to His name!
Please add me to the calendar!

Cramer said...

Count me in! I have committed to praying for Doug and Melissa daily but I will be setting aside an extra time on this Friday, December 19th. I consider it an honor to do that.

Carl and Lois said...

Hello Doug, Missy, and family,

God so often brings you to mind, and each time He does, I ask Him to be those "everlasting arms" underneath you, carrying you when it is too difficult to walk.

Your children are so beautiful! It means a great deal to us to see them by way of the blog.

Carl and I would like you to know that on 12/21, we will be lifting you to Him in a very special and definite way. You are precious to us!

Carl and Lois

bre said...

Praying for you as you are in surgery today.