Sunday, November 2, 2008

Still Feeling Sick

First of all, thanks so much for your prayers for Melissa! I know she and Doug appreciate them very much! Also thanks to all friends her have been encouraging her along the way, whether in person, through phone calls, or messages via her email, blog or facebook. I know she has commented to me every day about how she heard from this person, or someone had emailed her. Thank you for that!

As of this morning, she has still been sick--pretty nauseous and dizzy. It is all expected side effects of her chemo. She is pretty much staying in bed and resting, as she is also so fatigued. This has been a good morning for her to rest as Doug took the kids to church this morning, and now they are at the park. (What a great daddy!)

In light of how she is feeling, please hold off on phone calls to her until she's no longer as nauseous. I know the peace and quiet helps somewhat. I know I've missed talking to her myself. Your messages through email, facebook or this blog would still be so appreciated as they'll be waiting for her when she's feeling up to reading them.

We appreciate all of you!!

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mandy said...

Just thinking of you....