Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Ponytail Holder

I love my children. That's an understatement. I am in love with them....Caleb James, Lauren Grace, and Audrey Jane. I am confident every mother would agree when I say that they are as important to my life as the very air I breathe. There are so many times they say something or do something that I wish I could capture in a jar and save forever. Whether it's mis-pronouncing a word (ex: poplicles, rather than popsicles), or surprsing me by understanding more than I ever imagined. I am more aware of these moments than ever before...one of the many things I've "gained" from the past several months.

Last night as I was getting ready for bed in our bathroom, I saw Caleb was playing with something in his hands in front of the vanity area. He turned around to face me and held up a simple brown ponytail holder that he had found in one of the drawers. He so sweetly and matter-of-factly said, "Mommy, but you don't wear this anymore, because you don't have your hair right now, right?" I smiled and told him that was right...and quickly reminded him that my hair would be back again one day. He smiled at me and was satisfied with that. I just wanted to hug him. They are so used to everything right now....sure, they don't want their mommy to be sick or in the hospital; but bless their hearts, they are so accepting of so many of the "little" details that are hand in hand with this diagnosis. The Lord has used that little ponytail holder as a reminder to me that although things are not quite normal right now....it's going to be okay. I'm not even remotely concerned about my hair coming back. It is so far beyond that. I just want my hair back so that life is as it should be for my children. They are God's most precious gift to us....I am so thankful for all of the capture-in-a-jar moments that we have with them!


Jessie said...

I often think those little special times are Heavenly Father's way of letting us know he is with us. We know that he is present in all things and with us always but sometimes we get little reminders that he sees us imparticular. What a blessing that you have learned to treasure those early in life. I know some people that never get there and I think about how much they miss out on. Hope you continue to feel better and better and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday!

eric said...

Thank you for reminding all of us to live in the little moments with our children.
Our family continues to pray for you daily.
Kerri Stetler

Amy said...

Oh the innocence of a child is the most precious thing ever. Sometimes I think children have a sense of knowing what to say and when to say it, know what I mean? Thanks for sharing. We are still praying for you daily. ((((HUGS))))

SentimentsbyDenise said...

What a delightful post! Thanks for sharing this.

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