Monday, October 27, 2008

A Week At the Hospital Begins

I've actually not spoken with Miss yet, so I don't know much about the appointment. I do know that while Missy was at the doctor today, they suggested admitting her today due to scheduling. It sounds like three other chemo patients will be admitted tomorrow, and they had one discharged today so it gives her a bit of a headstart.

She's happy to have a really nice, private room. Being her normal laughing self, she said that she should have just taken Doug there for his birthday instead of to the nice hotel they went to recently for his birthday getaway! She has the best attitude ever....again, therefore the name of this blog!

It sounds like she may be discharged Saturday, so her long week is beginning now.

Oh, and she does have the laptop with her, so she will still be able to check her blog and email!

Doug's parents are home with the kids, and our older sister Michelle will arrive there tomorrow to help as well. I'm sure Miss would also appreciate your prayers for her husband and family, as it won't be easy on her or them to be apart for the week!

As always, we appreciate your prayers!


Eggus-Liptus-Vetus-Jontus said...

Missy, I am so amazed by your positive attitude through this whole ordeal! You are such an inspiration to me. I know leaving Doug and those beautiful babies cannot be an easy task but It sounds like you have an incredible support system to take care of them and they know that's what mommy has to do to get better. You and your family are definitely in our thoughts and prayers!
Love and prayers,
Megan Hofacker (Weaver)

The Burgess Family said...

Prayers from NC