Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cute Quotes!

During my time with Miss this summer, I tried to catch as many of the cute things that Caleb and Lauren said. To you, I'm sure they would be far cuter hearing it come straight from them, rather than reading the quotes, but here they are--

* "I want cranberry goons!" (We ordered Chinese and crab rangoon.)

* When they're mad at each other..."I'm not your friend!" Then the other replies, "Well, I'm not your NEIGHBOR friend!" (Apparantly it is far worse to not have a neighbor friend??)

* "I'm going to under-arrest you!"

And Aunt Jenn's personal favorite:
Caleb was kinda nonchalantly strolling around, and I said, "Hi, cute stuff." He replied--"Hi, Beautiful."

Caleb and Lauren were starting to race. Lauren said "Mark said go. He did...go!" (Instead of mark, set, go.)

AND the NOT-so-cute quotes:

"You're fired!"
" about no."
And the latest.... Caleb said to Miss, "Well, Jesus is going to come right out of your heart and give you a good old-fashioned whoopin'!"

Oh, the days when I'm glad I'm just the aunt! But aunts can also put kids in time-out! ha ha Really, the not-so-cute lines were few and far between. I do miss my time with all of them incredibly!


Rhett and Dora said...

I love the quotes! Those are way too cute. Good idea to jot them down. Melissa, I hope you are getting settled in your new home. We miss you here in Ohio! :)

Daniel & Sarah said...

How Cute!!! It so sounds like Caleb and Lauren!! It made me laugh and help me just thru the rest of my day. Megan misses them so much. We hope to see you guys soon.

Silvia Jacinto said...

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