Thursday, August 7, 2008

Moving Today!

My sister has been tired through all the getting ready, but that is to be expected with someone going through chemo. All of this has been pretty exhausting for her, and she has just needed to take breaks and rest for a while. She's not been sick, and that's been really good right now. Except for a cold that she, Lauren, and Audrey have all had, Miss has been feeling pretty well.

So today's the day!

Everything is boxed up and ready to go. We'll be loading up and heading to IN in just a few hours. I can feel the bittersweetness of the move from my sister. After being here, I've seen first-hand the huge amount of support and many dear friends that she will be leaving. Thank you so much to everyone who has walked with her all this time! She's already looking forward to visits from you in IN!

I have many more pics I'd like to post and some other things to write, but it's hard to grab a minute! Hopefully I'll be able to soon though.


Evan and Julia said...

Evan and I are thinking of you all right now -- we've moved with a dog, a cat, a snake and a lizard-- and we could drug them if we needed to. I can't imagine 3 kids! :) But we are praying and missing you already! Travel safe, get settled in and we'll be seeing you soon. Julia

April said...

I miss you....terribly


Jocelyn said...

Hey...hope everything went well with the move. Will try to give you a call tomorrow. Looking forward to the 19th. Miss you!