Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Day of Chemo

Wow. Today I went along with my sister for her fifth chemo treatment. Never before had I imagined what the setting would be like, but had I ever tried to imagine it, that would not have been what came to mind. I'm pretty uneducated with this whole process of cancer treatment. But let me share with you what I experienced, just as someone sitting in on that day...

Now one would think that during this time, a cancer patient might appreciate a little space and personal time while getting their treatment. Not quite! Picture a giant room filled with 30 recliners and chemo stations. Now throw in the majority of the patients being elderly. My sister and I laughed as we said it appeared as though the local nursing home took a field trip to a Lazy-Boy showroom. Seriously, with total respect for cancer patients of all ages, we find that laughing helps in all situations! So, imagine all these things, and try to maintain a positive spirit in that atmosphere? I think it would be difficult for me to do.

As time ticked by, we saw more and more people enter the room...even many that looked healthy at a glance. But as they stepped up on that scale by the entrance, I knew they were also unfortunately there for the same reason. More people trickled in, one by one. I quickly became aware that although we were one of many in that room, each person held a story. Each one faced their own unique journey. Whether they were someone's father, wife, grandmother, or daughter, each person was facing their challenge. Each one had loved ones or friends that were also hoping for the best outcome for them.

While some patients were chatting or laughing with a nurse or family member, other faces remained tired-looking. Sad and weary. And then in those moments, my eyes returned to the face of my beautiful sister as she was still smiling sweetly...inspite of her own reserved seat in that room.

And I guess that's why we call this blog "Dance In the Rain, Melissa."

I'm so proud to be your sister, Little Miss.

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