Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chemo...Round 4

Today and probably still as I type this, Melissa is receiving her fourth round of chemotherapy. For those of you who want to pray for her, please pray for 2 things right now--

1) For the chemo to continue to affect the lymphoma and completely cure it
2) For her to continue to feel as great as she has

I can't thank you enough for so many things right now. Many of you who are her friends in Ohio have really stepped up to help her out. Whether you stayed with her to help out, took her meals, took her to appointments, watched her kids, gave her messages of encourgament, or simply kept her in your prayers or thoughts... it means a lot to her and all of us! I know you don't need my thanks, but I and my family truly do appreciate it!!


Mike and Tara Lloyd said...

Keeping you in my prayers today and all week.

missi said...

Doug and Melissa, I hope that you know that you have some serious prayer warriors here in Northwest Ohio. You are both an inspiration in your faith and strength. Love and prayers, Chad and Missi (Young) Beman

Jocelyn said...

Praying for you as I type. I know you aren't feeling so great today. God gives rest to the weary. Love you and hope to see you later today!

Kristi said...

Thinking of you all as you go through this round of chemo. Your in our thoughts and prayers for strength, health and peace.